April Update: 1

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posted Apr 16, 18

April Updates and News

Welcome to the Community!
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Forum News
Community Project
As some of you have noticed, Our "History Project" on discord has been pretty active for this month. Senior staff and staff, in general, welcome all community members to dive in and take part in our biggest community project since the map change. Our history project will be two parts. 

First being the re-introduction of a "Hall of Heroes", which can be visited in-game within Valloryn. Here we will RPly have Heros, and some of our notable villains for our current campaign displayed. We also plan to have a tribute installment for our old map heroes from the Night War. 

The second installment will be forum side, a more interactive user experience. Here, players will be able to dive into a more detailed forum about selected Heroes and Villains across both campaigns, with room for expansion as your characters rise to be the Hero or fall to be the Villain.

Return of POM - Top Voter - COM:
Its been a hot minute since we have done anything related to the player of the month, the character of the month, and top voter. So, as of today, it returns!

Snowdrop: Top Voter & Player of the Month
Pattingtonbear: Character of the Month
We also want to give Pattingtonbear a big congrats and special recognition this month for being a tremendous help on the History Project. With 5 years of role-play within the community, there is a lot of history to gather together. So thank you, Pat! We also want to congratulate you on reaching LEVEL 20!

In-game News
Sewers have come to the city! Players be warned, you are able to take fall damage if you choose to fall down the wrong sewers grate. In others, you will find yourself stuck and will have to find an RP way out with the help of a moderator. There are some grates that have ladder access, however.

Hall of Heroes has been added to the city, we are still in the process of decorating the interior. Which will be wrapped up as we finish the community project. 

Travel Carts: I've been going around and replacing the wool or wood horses with actual horses. This is to help create a more immerse visual experience for the community. If you choose to steal, let loose, or kill the animals, the carts will be put out of commission RPly until the culprit(s) are caught or animals replaced. 

Discord Changes
I've added a new channel for the community, "Rhoaven Notice Board". This channel is for the community to post all their RP ads, jobs, trades, and other various items you guys wish to publicly put out there for the community regarding your characters and in-game. Please note, this is not a place to RP. 

If there are things you wish to see changed or added to discord, the community is welcome to pitch ideas. 

Staff is currently looking into other areas of the internet to advertise our community. If you have a suggestion, let us know! We are looking into expanding into areas that focus on Role-play and D&D more so than Minecraft itself. This is due to us being more centered around Role-play and D&D mechanics than the game of MC its self.