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[Owner] CherryAssassin aACTIVE posted Jun 26, 18

June Update and News

Welcome to the community!

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Welcome to Gildorym Staff!

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Congratulations on your promotion!

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Forum News
The Fabled Weapon: Link
June 26th is the last day to compete in the Fabled Weapon competition. 7 players have entered so far, only 3 away from a bonus prize to be handed out to all contestants. Winner will have their weapon created to become a special loot item of a future world event! It will be considered a “Masterwork” item similar to our special Night War campaign items that helped to defeat shadow. 

The Lunar Plains and Western Quakes:
Admin Kyazi is collecting detailed in-character accounts of our most recent world event campaigns. Ron Grit is collecting character recollections of the Lunar Plains War. And for our latest world event, The Western Quakes, she is awarding the best submission with shiny coins! 

Your stories have the opportunity to be added to our forums!

Ingame News
Our NPCs have officially started rolling out into the world. Players will see a variety of wool blocks with locked [NPC] signs. As they take up residence within the towns, you’ll notice [NPC] homes. Currently, we are not allowing theft of NPCs or Homes till we create an official guide. On the back end, the staff of a set of rules and guides them self to follow, so fret not about rogue NPCs or OP characters.

Valloryn Warehouse is Open!
When a player donates, they will no longer receive donation events from the moderation team. Items will be delivered to the Valloryn Warehouse in Valloryn within a 2 week time period as a “Waterdeep delivery”. Friendly reminder to our amazing supporters, Gildorym hands out various items as a thank you for supporting and donating to our community funded server. You are not purchasing items, you are donating to help us keep the lights on. You are not entitled to receive any benefits or perks for donating. However, we thank each of you for donating to Gildorym!

Prizes will also be handed out within the warehouse as well for our OOC competitions and events! So always keep on the lookout.

Discord News:
Few new channels have popped up. There is a new category associated with NPCs. Players are able to request shopkeepers within settlements where they are available. Our NPC Quick links chat has links to various google docs that have small blurbs about the various NPCs around the world. From time to time I will even do small little NPC RP within the chats for special occasions.

At the request of a few artistic members, there is now a chat under the community section to share all things arts and crafts that you do.  

Western Quakes

As the dust settles on the recent battlefields, the heroes and adventurers of Rhoaven fought off one of the biggest threats to these lands yet,  alien forces from deep underneath the dwarven city of Hammerfast. A bloody battle ended in a victory dampened by the awakening of an ancient being from a dwarven ruin. True goals of the enemies slowly had been revealed the previous days. Only time will tell what future brings for the lands of Rhoaven - a story of Prosperity or Ruin?


OOC day is just over a month away, this June, players will have a chance to have something of their own added to our OOC day Amusement Park! Details coming in July.

We will be celebrating 6 years!