May Update: 2

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May Update and News

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Forum News
Community Project:
Admin Kyazi has officially posted the first installment of the Heroes project. The community is able to check out the Gildorioran Queens and Kings under Historical Figures of the Realms Tag of the hot bar. We are going to be working on Villains next, so make sure to take part if you wish, its a community project.

The Glorious Foodie:
Submissions for food and drink recipes are still being accepted, the community has until May 25th. We will start voting for our favorite dish and drink on the 27th. HERE

Guide Updates:
Lith and I have been working on a large update to Realms and NPC. Our update is a combination of clarifications, additions, and revamping the system.

  • NPCs now count towards settlement populations
  • NPCs will now be people in-game visually represented by wool blocks. Once we get to 1.12, wool blocks will be replaced by villagers via a citizens plug-in.
  • NPCs will fill rolls and provide perks for player realms

Currently, we are working on revamping the Guild section. We are roughly 90% done with the Realm update. Once the update is made live for the community, I will meet with each Leader individually.

Voting Sites and Advertising:
We are still looking at various avenues of advertising if you know of any place, post your ideas in the #feedback-and-suggestions chat of discord.

We are also still looking to expand the voting options as well to rebuild the voting sites. If you know of any good sites, post your suggestions in the #feedback-and-suggestions chat of Discord.

Ingame News:
Fast travel:
I am sure y’all have noticed by now but our fast travel locations have been undergoing a small facelift. Along with travel points of the main roads, you'll find mostly valloryn guard towers, which will be occupied by Blade NPCs. Other locations are dwellings of some sort or the other. All fast travel locations are points of safety. Players can take refuge and rest if need be. Occasionally, you may even luck out and find a location with a traveling healer. For now, all fast travel points are located just outside realm boundaries.

Battle of the Lunar Plains
-Current World Event-

After multiple incidents with a band of local gnolls, they've made a mistake - the anger of a local Earl Ulric of Fangstford was invoked as they kidnapped his daughter Asta. As the realms of Rhoaven join forces they set out to lay siege upon their camp.

Our current world event is jointly run by all of our amazing DMs who have been putting in amazing work. Keep up with event scheduling in our #event-board channel for all OOC purposes.