May Update #3

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May Update and News

Welcome to the Community!

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Forum News
The Glorious Foodie:

Congratulations to Deru for winning the Food portion with his “Thordarausian Spit Grilled Chicken” and to both Kelseyi, for her “Star Crisp Champagne” and koji for his “Harpy Tears” drinks.

All three of you will receive 100 gold for winning as well as have your items made in-game to be sold for a limited time (Still Stock runs out) within your personal shops. We will also set up shops at our next big OOC Holiday event.

We will begin our next Competition for June soon! So keep a lookout on the forums.

Guide Updates:
Lith and I have finally finished and posted one of our biggest updates as of late that coincides with our NPC update and changes, Player Realm, and Settlements. This thread and system saw a very big overhaul. Guilds also received a little more TLC as we expanded upon who and what they are, giving them a nice little boost in the benefits department.

In-game News:

I am going to be running a roll-20 campaign in-game. It's a different way to run roll-20 as we typically utilize the roll20 website, however, I wanted to create the world in-game to plunge the players into the game. I am about 80% done building the first encounter for the first session. This will be my first time ever taking on the role of a DM for a large campaign setting, and I am very excited! Expect some hiccups though as I undertake this fun little adventure with Y'all

Weekends work best for me, with the occasional Wednesday. 6pm or 7pm est - for a 2-3 hour sessions. If you are interested, let us know in the roll 20 chat of discord!  

  • 5e Campaign
  • 4-5 player slot
  • No-Homebrew.
  • Characters can use the background creation posted in the #roll20 chat of discord as an extra option, otherwise please use core rules.
  • It is a premade campaign for 5e, “The Curse of Strahd”
  • Gothic Horror themes (Vampires, Werewolves, Gypsies and Cults!)

“Battle of the Lunar Plains”
-Current World Event-

Rhoaven is safe once against as many heroes banded together to defeat the Gnolls of the Lunar Plains. Bringing the battle of the Lunar Plains to an end with the return of Earl Ulrics daughter Asta. Will this be the end of the Gnolls? 

Big thank you and round of applause to our DM crew for creating a wonderful world event. Hopefully, everyone was able to get lend their sword, bow, or spell as they took part in the events. 

There is a celebration at foot for the Realm of Rhoaven and the Valloryn Playwrights are looking for interested men and women to help reenact the "Battle of the Lunar Plains". If you are interested, message me in Discord!