January Week: 4

[Owner] CherryAssassin aACTIVE posted Jan 20, 19

January Update: End of Month

   This month, we will be holding a flash competition. From Today (Jan. 20) to Saturday Feb. 2. This will be a chance for the community to do one of two things. First, earn forum based points. Reminder, these points are usable as currency to purchase donation packages. The cheapest packages only require 500 points ($5.00usd). 

  Second, and most important. This flash competition will help build up a data base of Skins for our any new players! Our skin competition will double as a community project to help out Gildorym and any of our prospecting new players!

Link to Skin Competition 

Discord Reminder: 
     Now that the dust has cleared and we have begun to move forward and away from the xmas celebrations and enough of you have cashed in your items, we are going to bring some clarification and adjustment to all un-claimed and lingering items in the world. All exp and level up items must still be cashed in with a @Mod but will also need to be turned in and marked as none-tradable . If you are a player who already has made a trade and has more than one ( a few 1k exp pots / lvl ups ) you will be allowed to keep one and the others will be compensated properly by yours truly. We hope you all enjoyed the massive boost and leg up to help you face the world events of the Gargamesh Saga As well as the Kyuss one. Look forward to more great content coming your way.!!!

-In-game Admin Koji D. Cactus

World Event of Gargamesh and the 4 keys
Admin Koji
An unnatural eclipse marked the attempted arrival of a gargantuan undead, Nifil The Gore. The use of the ominous keys managed to repel the creature for some time, our heroes now work around the clock to gather information and prepare for the worse. Ballistas from the Wyvernspurs are being built at Millstone, overseen by Lady Aelya but with little resources and manpower gathered, it seems it might not pan out in the end 

The Age of the Worm
DM Stryke
Thousands of years ago, when the world was a more primitive place, a morbid mystic named Kyuss gathered a vast assembly of social outcasts for a pilgrimage across the great southern seas to the harsh jungles of another continent. On distant tropical shores they founded a great city of monoliths and vine-snared idols to alien gods. Kyuss preached of mysterious visions, of massive metal plates foretelling the collapse of civilization. In response, his beguiled followers scoured the darkened jungle until they produced such plates, and confirmed Kyuss’ apocalyptic premonition.
The metal plates contained a fragment of the apocalypse myth of a longdead culture—the decadent six-armed spell weavers, whose civilization crumbled before the jungle took form. The plates spoke of an era of doom and decay, a time of chaos and melancholy known as the Age of Worms. It was but a sliver of a much grander extinct liturgy, but to Kyuss, it was enough. In his sweltering jungle paradise, the charismatic madman vowed to bring about this bold new era. As hundreds of his followers sacrificed themselves for the glory of his vision, the twisted prophet declared himself the Harbinger of the Age of Worms. To amass greater and greater power, Kyuss bound himself to a basalt monolith dredged up from a spell weaver ruin and housed in a looming edifice known as the Spire of Long Shadows. The massive stone thrummed with the life energy, and poisoned whispers from its inner void beckoned Kyuss to join them in oblivion, revealing hidden pathways and temptations within the placid surface of the monolith. With his kingdom dead at his feet, Kyuss entered the immense block of otherworldly stone. In so doing, he became more than human, but his essence remained forever trapped in a horrific demiplane slaved to the monolith. In the centuries that followed the jungle swallowed Kyuss’ once-majestic home, leaving only the forlorn Spire of Long Shadows to peek above the lush tropical canopy. Once again, Kyuss' followers are stiring. His slumber has almost had an end. The Age of Worms is coming.