November post 2

[Owner] CherryAssassin aACTIVE posted Wed at 20:22

Week 2 post

Things are moving steadily about the server this week, hopefully everyone is enjoying the upcoming holiday festivities as we draw closer to another great year!

Normally I do a big Thanksgiving tent in game for the next holiday of Thanksgiving, however, I have plans to do something a tad differently this year that will become a permanent structure in game. Over the course of the week I will be installing it, so keep a look out for a future announcement. 

Black Friday: We shall be holding our very own black Friday sale for our donation packages. I will be posting an official update on that by next Wednesday. 

Community Project #3: Rhoaven Goods. 
In discord, members will find a link to this project. My goal with the project is to set standards in an rp sense regarding goods and services. Everything will be a suggested price once we all finish the project, and by no means is a "you have to follow" set standard. I figured it would be a cool little addition as some players from time to time think others charge way to much, have trouble basing their own prices, and of course...admin shops are ehhh. So hopefully this helps.