Upcoming NPC changes

[Owner] CherryAssassin aACTIVE posted Thu at 21:06

NPC Update & Clarification. 
-changes starting this sat-

Over the course of this weekend, I will be doing a huge NPC clarification and reshape for our server. Starting this Saturday, I will be first being meeting with each of our Realm Leaders to get everyone updated and up to speed. Second phase will be a meeting with Gildorym staff team. During this meeting, I will be speaking with them on expectations and the large amount of benefits available to the player base. After all, the NPCs in the world are to help expand the world and create roleplay (both good base and nefarious). Once completed, the server overall shall slowly start to see the changes while they continue on with their adventures in Rhoaven. 

I also wanted to take a moment to clarify the status or position regarding the “2” groups of NPCs that have been created for the server. The first, and the most influential in terms of over all server interaction, the Ducal NPCs of Valloryn that rule over Rhoaven. This is a permanent fixture in terms of RP ruling. This is because we have created a ruling NPC family thats purpose OOCly, is to manage server function. The second group, are the NPCs that are found about the world. They are set into place to function as tools and perks for realm leaders and their citizens as well as provide another aspect of RP outside of the player and DM events. Every NPC is intractable. Currently they are mere wool blocks, in the future, they will be more present thanks to the Citizens plugin.

If you have any questions, post them below and I will address them. That way there is a community conversation presented. Thank you guys!