Most humans are the descendants of pioneers, conquerors, traders, travelers, refugees, and other people on the move. As a result, human lands are home to a mix of people—physically, culturally, religiously, and politically different. Hardy or fine, light-skinned or dark, showy or austere, primitive or civilized, devout or impious, humans run the gamut.


Halflings are clever, capable opportunists. Halfling individuals and clans find room for themselves wherever they can. Often they are strangers and wanderers, and others react to them with suspicion or curiosity. Depending on the clan, halflings might be reliable, hard-working (if clannish) citizens, or they might be thieves just waiting for the opportunity to make a big score and disappear in the dead of night. Regardless, halflings are cunning, resourceful survivors.


Light hearted and easy going, they share many similarites with half-lings in regards to personality and relations with other races. Though friendly, they are not fools. Every new experience creates a sense of wonder, and enables an ensatible appitite for seeking the next big thing they can help cause mischivef. They have a surpising quick wit and enjoy practical jokes. Fauns reach adulthood around the age of 20 years old and can live up to 300 years old.*Exotic Armor Only*


Gnomes are welcome everywhere as technicians, alchemists, and inventors. Despite the demand for their skills, most gnomes prefer to remain among their own kind, living in comfortable burrows beneath rolling, wooded hills where animals abound.


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Vast majority of tieflings are aware of their "otherness" from a very early age. They are the mongrel race with no truly defined characteristics other than a broad spread of traits. Asmodeus thinks of himself as the patron god of tieflings but many of the tieflings do not see eye ot eye with their supposed patron. They can be any alignment but lean towards lawful or chaotic. *Exotic Armor Only on Digigrade Legged Tieflings*


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Dragonborn are known for their dedication and working towards self improvement. They value skills each person brings to the table. They are tall and weighty with long talon-like claws. They a very different approach to religion than other races. Divine influence is rare and mysterious. Dragonborn treat all races like they would themselves.


Dwarves are known for their skill in warfare, their ability to withstand physical and magical punishment, their knowledge of the earth’s secrets, their hard work, and their capacity for drinking ale. Their mysterious kingdoms, carved out from the insides of mountains, are renowned for the marvelous treasures that they produce as gifts or for trade.


Elves mingle freely in human lands, always welcome yet never at home there. They are well known for their poetry, dance, song, lore, and magical arts. Elves favor things of natural and simple beauty. When danger threatens their homes, however, elves reveal a more martial side, demonstrating skill with sword, bow, and battle strategy.

Half Elves

These mixed-breed children can have a hard time fitting in anywhere, their natures placing them on a firm middle ground between two very different cultures. Among elves, these folk would reach maturity at an astounding rate, often times before learning the intricacies of elven culture. Among humans, however, the half-elf would find themselves to be more aloof than their peers, taking longer to mature. A half-elf will usually find a place for themselves within human lands, but some may feel like outcasts their whole lives.

Half Orc

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Quick to anger and often brash, half-orcs value action over a well thought out plan. They are lovers of simple pleasures, and will enjoy a feast, a rousing song or a wild dance. A half-orc will sit you down and boast of his exploits for hours on end, so long as there is nothing more interesting afoot. The more refined arts, such as poetry and choreographed dancing are lost on them. For a fellow barbarian, a half-orc is fine company, sharing the love of raucous and uninhibited living, however, it would be wise to leave them at the door when dealing with royalty.


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New Race

As a reclusive people they often avoid interaction with other intelligent races. Each Tabaxi possess a feline trait. Some followed their curiosity and traveled the lands to seek out stories, artifacts, knowledge and experiences. They can obsess over things for a long time before losing interest after the secrets are revealed. Tabaxi do not care for wealth, only artifacts, relics, magic items. They do not care for what the item is but the stories and secrets behind the item. Not all Tabaxi are driven by curiosity some choose a safer route and enjoy traveling and accept items for their services. [Arrival Event -Scroll Down to Tabaxi Arrival] *Exotic Armor Only*