Join us ingame this holiday for two holiday celebrations!


  • Secret Santa Party: Those wishing to participate will need to sign up by December 8th 9pm est (Friday). Sign-up Form
  • Secret Santa is OOC celebration that is held ingame. OOCly players will sign up via Google form (Linked above) by submitting the character they will be participating on ingame. You will then list 5 things that your characters likes or hobbies. I will then randomly assign players their Secret Santa, providing them with the character and list. Players will then have 11 days to get their gift around. These are not OOCly made and then given out. So maybe you have items already that you can gift, maybe you have something you can make via event crafting, or maybe you would like to put in a event request to help gather materials to create your event. A special lore texting can be added to your gifts to denote the special holiday item, to do so, you must get with me.
  • On Dec. 20th, at 730pm est, we will meet at the Gildorym Christmas tree to guess who our Secret Santa are and exchange gifts. As a bonus, I will be holding an "ugly sweater" competition! So make sure to dress up in your finest "ugly sweater" skin. Since we are limited on pixels, our "ugly sweaters" will be ugly skins.  Winner will be rewarded a cool prize to be used in Dirty Santa with Lith. 


  • Dirty Santa with Lithimis: A Gildorym Tradition
  • Dirty Santa is an ongoing tradition held by Lithimis. We will be meeting once again at our Gildorym Christmas tree for the nights festivities. Be prepared to trade up, take, and get away with some pretty cool gifts from Lithimis.

MONDAY DECEMBER 25th - Christmas on Gildorym

  • Something new I would like to try this year is a Gildorym Christmas. So, if you are wanting to continue the gift giving spirit, and gift your friends items ingame. After our Dirty Santa with Lith celebration on the 23rd, I will be updating our Christmas tree to allow players to place donation chest for themselves under the tree. Similar to our Secret Santa celebration, items you gift will be of your own items, not oocly made.

Remember to be safe this holiday season and spend time with your loved ones!
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Gildoyrm Staff Team!