February Update: 1

[Owner] CherryAssassin aACTIVE posted Feb 13, 18

Discord Updates

Over the next few days, there will be a small round of minor updates to the Gildorym Discord. For starters, there will be 3 new roles created. An applicant, Rookie, and Gildorian. Along with the role additions, Discord will be open to the public, that way prospecting players and those applying are able to mingle with the community. The Discord will also be undergoing a pruning process on a larger scale as players start to receive their tags. If you have any issues or concerns, definitely feel free to message me on Discord. 

Applicant: Players in the process of applying for the server

Rookie: Players that have applied and are waiting to complete their NPE.

Gildorian: Players who have completed their NPE. 

Love Festival

Angel mystic is holding a love festival for the holiday. There is a dance competition, musical chairs, flowers of promise event, bobbing for fruits and pie eating contest planned for the special event. Angel Mystic is also looking for players willing to help. 

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