February Update: 2

[Owner] CherryAssassin aACTIVE posted Sun at 16:02

In-game Updates


The dock area of the city has seen a slight transformation as you head out of town. Part of this update has included Admin shops. Currently, there is a potion shop, small bakery, and tool shop. I've still a few more to add over the course of this project. 

I'm still currently working on updating the far wall leading to the wilderness near the back of the city as well as some intercity changes and additions. The Valloryn Wizards tower is also undergoing to some updates and modifications  

Forum Updates

Some threads are undergoing a little sprucing and updating. Currently, I have focused on the few that have needed a little more attention over the others. There will be more to follow over the coming weeks. 

New Player Guide:

  • Added command information for setting up character cards
  • Re-worded sections to be easy-to-read, shortening up the thread in a few sections
  • Removed duplicate information


  • Removed redundant information from the sections.
  • Removed Mining and Doorway/corridor information their own sections via a forum response section to break up the thread a bit.
  • Shortened Lockpick and theft sections as our lockpicking thread already goes into detail that was already stated on F.A.Q
  • Added link to lockpicking information
  • Added link to Event request thread
  • Updated information regarding money
  • Added image examples for hallways

Discord Update Reminder

Just reminder about the changes made to discord. It is now publicly open to all. As a result, there are some new roles that will be assigned. Those without a role will end up removed till they rejoin or reapply to the server due to being inactive for 6+ months. Again, if you have any questions or concerns, message me.