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Extra Facts


Half-elves find it easy to get along with most races. A fast friend among elves, humans dwarves gnomes or halflings, their sprightly mix of grace and ardor makes them good company. Perhaps it is because of their shared human parentage, but some half-elves are discomforted by half-orcs.


Half-elves are swayed more towards the chaotic end of the spectrum by their elven heritage, but, like humans, tend towards good and evil in equal measure. They do not love leaders or followers, and place a lot of value on personal freedoms.


Half-Elf names depend on where they were raised either in an Elven Culture or a Human Culture.


Half-elves find themselves drawn towards adventure, as it would seem that their combined heritage pushes them to wander and explore. They often end up with unusual jobs and even more unusual company. The life of an adventurer comes easily to them.