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Gnomes get along well with dwarves, who share their love for precious objects, their curiosity about mechanical devices, and their hatred of goblins and giants. They enjoy the company of halflings, especially those who are easygoing enough to put up with pranks and jests. Most gnomes are a little suspicious of the taller races—humans, elves, half-elves, and half-orcs—but they are rarely hostile or malicious.


Gnomes are most often good. Those who tend toward law are sages, engineers, researchers, scholars, investigators, or consultants. Those who tend towards chaos are minstrels, tricksters, wanderers, or fanciful jewellers. Gnomes are good-hearted, and even the tricksters among them are more playful than vicious. Evil gnomes are as rare as they are frightening


Gnomes love names, and most have half a dozen or so. As a gnome grows up, his mother gives him a name, his father gives him a name, his clan elder gives him a name, his aunts and uncles give him names, and he gains nicknames from just about anyone. Gnome names are typically variants on the names of ancestors or distant relatives, though some are purely new inventions. When dealing with humans or others who are rather “stuffy” about names, a gnome learns to act as if he has no more than three names: a personal name, a clan name, and a nickname. When deciding on which of his several names to use among humans, a gnome generally chooses the one that’s the most fun to say. Gnome clan names are combinations of common Gnome words, and gnomes almost always translate them into Common when in human lands (or into Elven in elven lands, and so on).

Male Names: Boddynock, Dimble, Fonkin, Gimble, Gerbo, Jebeddo, Namfoodle, Roondar, Seebo

Female Names: Bimpnottin, Caramip, Dubamil, Ellywick, Loopmottin, Mardnab, Roywyn, Shamil

Clan Names: Beren, Daergel, Folkor, Garrick, Nackle, Murnig, Raulnor, Scheppen, Turen

Nicknames: Aleslosh, Ashhearth, Cloak, Doublelock, Fnipper, Oneshoe, Sparklegem,


Gnomes are curious and impulsive. They may take up adventuring as a way to see the world or for the love of exploring. Lawful gnomes may adventure to set things right or protect the innocent, demonstrating the same sense of duty towards society as a whole that gnomes generally exhibit toward their own enclaves. As lovers of gems and other fine items, some gnomes take to adventuring as a quick, if dangerous, path to wealth. Depending on his relations to his home clan, and adventuring gnome may be seen as a vagabond or even as something of a traitor (for abandoning clan responsibilities).