Welcome new members of Gildorym and returning members to the offical launch of Gildorym's newest server; GILDORYM CREATIVE.


Gildorym Creative has been a pet project of Admin Kyazi, who has been working hard on creating a sister server to Gildorym RP that allows players to build in creative plot worlds as well as rank up through survival. Gildorym will like to take a moment to thank the following staff members for their assistance in the launching of our second server.

Admin Kyazi

Admin Mercury

HFM Styrke

HDM Follower

Builder Thoak

Gildorym Creative will be a Greylist server. Upon logging in, you will need to complete a quiz ingame in order to play on the server. Incase of an error by joining the server you are accepting the Server Rules & will be held accountable for any inappropriate actions or deeds performed. Please make sure you read the server rules as the answers to the Greylist quiz will be found there. Gildorym Creative Rules can be found here: Creative Server Rules

Kyazi has also provided the Creative Server its own version of a Player Guide to help explain and answer any would be questions pertaining to the creative server for our members. Kyazi also has a few future updates planned for the next upcoming months as we work on introducing Minigames.

There is also a need for staff on Gildorym Creative, if you are interested in applying, we have a supervisor application and Inspector application. For futher details, speak with Admin Kyazi.

NOTE: Those that are staff for the Gildorym Creative Server are Staff of Gildorym. Gildorym staff include Gildorym RP server and Gildorym Creative Server.

"As Admin of the Creative Server I encourage everyone to check out the Survival World where there are currently no cities except the sanctuary. It is my goal to have the survival world be a semi roleplay/creative world where the players create the story. So instead of joining a roleplay server with completed buildings I want to see the world the players can create and the roleplay that can happen. Also the survival world serves as a way to earn build ranks and slowly reach the goal of gamemode in the survival world. Join us on Gildorym Creative for fun and laughs. I can't wait to see you all!" -Kyazi


Gildorym will be celebrating our 4th anniversary this year! The OOC day amusement park has been relocated to the Gildorym Creative Server, however it will still only remain open for a 24 hour period during our Anniversary celebration.


If you find any bugs or errors contact an Admin/Staff Member through the forums or teamspeak!

Gildorym RP Server

Many of you will be returning with question about our Gildorym RP server that has been under lockdown since Feburary of this year. Gildorym RP is our main pride of the server as we are a D&D server, expanding with new servers to create and add other content outside of RP. We chose to take a small break form working on the RP server to bring the community a server to play on in the meantime as a way to bring back and rebuild our gaming community. So if you are returning for the sole purpose of spreading ill thoughts, bashing the server, or in general being salty, leave that at the door and bring a positive attitude.

Yes the RP server is still closed and sections of the Forums will remain locked from staff and player not working on the project. It is taking time as we are rebuilding, adding, and changing many features so when we relaunch, it will be exactly how we invisioned it.

We will continue to post updates on the RP servers progress on social media sites and include the front page news for the players.

Phluff_Binkins ACTIVE May want to update to let people know the server is running 1.10.
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