::Special 5 Year Anniversary Event::

It's been a long 5 years with many ups and downs but the community remains and the story continues as we have left our starting islands (Gildorym Isles) of 4 Years and have taken our first steps into a new land (The Lands of Rhoaven). Through all the good times and the bad the community has built itself a special place to call home.

To celebrate our great community and our 5 years of dedicated Roleplay we are hosting a special event for the weekend of our Anniversary. Starting Friday August 18th til the end of August 20th. Players who meet specific milestones during the event will receive special packs for one of their characters.

Please keep all Milestones in one post for easier rewarding!

The Milestones::

Year One::
Tell us about your first character on Gildorym. Their name and where they lived on the server. New or Old tell us a memory you have on that character that you can't forget!

Year Two::
Take a picture with at least 4 Different Races on the server and post it below. [bonus prize if you get one of every race] **NOTE: You must be in the Picture WITH the Other RACE**

Year Three::
Find the missing papers in each of the various cities/towns/settlements. There are 5 total.
All you need to do is screenshot the item in the correct location so it shows the name.

Year Four::
Take Four Screenshots of you on various rides/games/events during OOC Day.

Year Five::
Take a photo infront of the 5 Year Celebration Photo stand in the Festival Area.

Completing these Milestones will each unlock more of a grand pack!
Completed 1 out of 5:: 20 Gold Coins
Completed 2 out of 5:: +100 Exp Book
Completed 3 out of 5:: Horse Registration Book
Completed 4 out of 5:: A Free Pet Coupon [cat or dog]
Completed 5 out of 5:: +300 Exp Book. Pet Revive Slip
Bonus Year 2:: +100 Exp Book

Event Begins: Friday August 18th [midnight est]
Event Ends: Sunday August 20th [midnight est]

Event Submission Thread
Early Submissions will not be counted. Late Submissions will not be counted.